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Who wants to go out, even to a doctor’s appointment, when you’re not feeling well?

Through Teladoc, you and your covered dependents can access a board-certified physician and receive treatment for non-urgent medical care by phone, online video or mobile app 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at no cost to you.

Teladoc is also available to those 13 years and older for treatment for behavioral health issues (such as depression, stress and anxiety, emotional difficulties, grieving issues and trauma resolution) at no cost to you; there is no copay or deductible. (Services may be limited to participants who are ages 13-17.)

How To Use Teladoc

  1. Set up your secure account online at or by mobile app.
  2. When you have a non-urgent illness (such as sinus problems, bronchitis, allergies, cold and flu symptoms, or respiratory or ear infection) or a behavioral health issue, contact Teladoc any time - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week - to request a visit by a board-certified physician or a licensed mental health provider.
    • By phone: Call 800-TELADOC (toll free)
    • On-line or mobile app: Log in to your account.
  3. For non-urgent illness, you will receive a response from a Teladoc board-certified physician by phone, online video or mobile app (whichever you specify) within approximately 10 minutes. They will assess your issue, diagnose your condition, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if appropriate. For behavioral health, Teladoc will set up an appointment with a licensed mental health provider.


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