ASEA AFSCME Local 52 Health Benefits Trust is in Alaska

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Shawn Staker, Chairman, Northern Region, Located in Fairbanks
Term of Office Ends 2023

Shawn is a computer Analyst/Programmer with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in Fairbanks. Shawn was raised in Valdez, received a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and has lived in North Pole since 2002. Shawn is an active member of the Midnight Sun Chapter serving as a Chief Steward, Board Member, Trustee and on the Statewide Judicial Panel.

"Our Health Trust has done an excellent job maintaining and even improving benefits to the members during a time when health care has gone through such drastic changes." Shawn added "The Trust has an impressive track record we all strive to continue."



Jodi Andres, Central (Anchorage) Region, Located in Anchorage
Term of Office Ends 2024

Jodi is a Corporate Income Tax Auditor for the Alaska Department of Revenue in Anchorage, performing audits of large, multi-state and multi-national entities.  Jodi is a licensed CPA with over 30 years of experience in accounting, auditing, compliance, and benefit management in private, nonprofit and government sectors.  She is an active member of the Anchorage Chapter.  She was raised in Anchorage, where she currently lives with her husband and two sons.

“The cost of healthcare continues to grow exponentially making health insurance challenging, and even unaffordable, for many families.  I am looking forward to working with the ASEA Health Trustees and the healthcare community to continue to provide quality health care services at affordable prices for our members and their families.”



Brittany Staker, Statewide Seat, Located in Fairbanks
Term of Office Ends 2024

Brittany is an Accounting Tech II with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in Fairbanks. She has worked for the State of Alaska since 2008. She currently is responsible for all billing and revenue collection for the Northern Region. She has an in-depth knowledge of practices, procedures, and policies related to accounting and budget functions. In addition to serving on the Health Trust, Brittany is also an active member of the Midnight Sun Chapter serving as a Steward. She has lived in the Fairbanks area since 1999.

“My goal is to work with Trustees, members, and plan consultants to ensure we are able to provide the best benefits possible for our members and their families”.




Andrew Hills, Southeast Region
Term of Office Ends 2025

Andrew Hills was born in Fairbanks and grew up in Yakutat. The career path that led to his current role with the Department of Transportation began with military service, followed by private-sector positions in construction, logging, and commercial fishing. He served as Union Steward for seven years and has served as the ASEA Professional Member on the Statewide Executive Board.

“I enjoy the benefits of a strong union, and my record clearly demonstrates my desire to serve, give back, and help build a stronger and more active union.”



Rich Sewell, Statewide Seat, Located in Anchorage
Term of Office Ends 2023

Rich is an Aviation Policy Planner for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in Anchorage where he works with rural airports to ensure that they are “coloring within the lines” when it comes to regulations, statutes and federal law. He sees this work as having a direct crossover to the highly regulated healthcare industry which requires accurately applying regulations and laws to a set of facts. Rich has always felt a duty to give back to the community which includes many years of service on the ASEA Local 52 Board of Directors. He gained exposure to healthcare while serving on the board of directors for the Alaska Health Project, a non-profit organization focused on occupational and safety issues.

A native of Michigan, Rich moved to Alaska in 1981 to work as the Municipal Economist for the Municipality of Anchorage. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Kalamazoo College in Michigan and earned an MBA from the University of Anchorage. Rich’s wife is a medical epidemiologist who encouraged him to serve on the ASEA Health Benefits Trust board. His stepdaughter works for the State of Alaska and is a member of the Trust.

“I believe that I have a unique skill set that can benefit the Trust. I understand the importance of protecting the Trust’s financial viability while ensuring that our members are treated fairly and will work hard to ensure that these dual missions are met.”



Chelsea Sieh, Rural/Bush Region, Located in Kotzebue
Term of Office Ends 2025

Chelsea is an Administrative Assistant with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in Kotzebue. Chelsea was raised in Unalakleet, received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Alaska Southeast, and has lived in Kotzebue for four years with her husband, Eric.

Living in rural Alaska presents certain challenges, including access to many preventive and diagnostic healthcare services. Chelsea believes the health of each community is important in maintaining a strong and unified Alaska. “I look forward to representing rural Alaska and working with the trustees of the ASEA Health Trust with the goal of providing our members with quality, accessible and affordable healthcare benefits.”


PSEA Chariss Millett

Charisse Millett (Public Safety Employees Association Executive Director), Statewide Seat




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