ASEA AFSCME Local 52 Health Benefits Trust is in Alaska

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The Benefits Plan Booklet
The Benefits Plan Booklet is a great resource for all your health plan questions. You'll find information about dependent eligibility, benefit coverage, PPO's, preauthorization for travel benefits and much more. And it's easy to navigate! Just use the bookmark feature on the left side to take you exactly where you need to go. Click the link below for the current Benefits Plan Booklet.

Current Benefits Plan Booklet

Summary of Dental Plan Benefits

Summary of Benefit Plan Changes
The Board of Trustees for the ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Health Benefits Trust has adopted Plan changes. This document is intended as a summary of Benefit Plan Changes. Please keep this summary with your Plan booklet until the current booklet is updated.

Summary of Benefit Plan Changes

For more information, please call the Health Trust Administrator at 866-553-8206 (toll free).

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