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The ASEA Health Trust’s Disease Management program is provided through Optum. It is voluntary, completely confidential and free. The program is available to all participants of the ASEA Health Trust (employees, spouses and dependents). Family members such as a parent or spouse who care for a child age two and older with asthma or diabetes may also participate.

The ASEA Health Trust’s Disease Management program is designed to help you or an eligible dependent who has been diagnosed with any of the following chronic conditions:

Because chronic diseases cause ongoing health issues that may never go away, this program provides information and one-on-one guidance to give you extra support in addition to your doctor’s care.

Optum periodically reviews the ASEA Health Trust's claims data to identify people who have one of these chronic conditions. If you or an eligible dependent have been diagnosed, Optum will send you an introductory letter, and then a specialist will call to answer questions and invite you or your family member to participate in the program.

How to Use the Program

There are several ways you can take advantage of the ASEA Health Trust's Disease Management program. You can call to ask a question, work with your health care professional on an ongoing basis, or you may get health information online or by mail.

Take advantage of all options or just some of them – the choice is yours.

  1. Partner with a nurse, health educator, dietitian or other health care professional to manage the condition.
    Optum's team of nurses, health educators and dietitians will work with you to develop an action plan to help you learn to manage your condition. You will start with a brief health questionnaire by phone, and continue with support to follow your doctor's treatment plan and help you become better informed about your condition. You'll have access to a registered nurse who will assist you with the program until you are confident you have the skills you need to feel better.
  2. Use a 24/7 toll-free help line to ask a registered nurse health questions.
    Call the Nurse Connections line at 855-738-1768 (toll-free) with any concerns you have, such as questions about medication side effects, ways to reduce or prevent symptoms and other non-life-threatening issues.
  3. Receive educational information about the chronic condition.
    Optum will send you information to help you learn about your condition, learn how to recognize symptoms, avoid complications and lead a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Download the mobile app.
    The mobile-friendly health portal is always at your fingertips, designed to help you manage your health conditions and so much more. Along with secure access to a nurse, the enhanced portal features tools, trackers and content to help you live healthier! Click here for more information.
  5. Access health information online.
    Visit Optum's web site at to read about disease symptoms, current research and other health topics.
  6. Access recorded health information by phone.
    Call Optum's automated system, at 855-738-1768 (toll-free) to listen to recorded health information.

Optum will periodically send your doctor information about the program and recommended treatment guidelines for your condition. If it is beneficial to speak with your doctor, an Optum specialist will do so only with your permission. To learn more, contact Optum at 855-738-1768 (toll-free) or visit

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