ASEA AFSCME Local 52 Health Benefits Trust is in Alaska

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ASEA Health Trust Benefits

  • Notify the Health Trust of a change in your mailing address. Complete the Family Information Form or contact the Health Trust office.
  • Update the Health Trust with the employee’s email address and phone number changes. This is not required but can facilitate communication with the Trust. Please submit a Family Information Form with your new information or contact the Health Trust office.
  • Familiarize yourself with PPO boundaries, if you move into or out of the Municipality of Anchorage. See details in the PPO section of the Plan Booklet.

State Of Alaska Retirment & Employee Benefits

NOTE: Trust benefits are separate from those offered through the State of Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits.

  • Update your mailing address with the State of Alaska Division of Personnel when you move. The Address Authorization Change Form updates your address for W-2 forms, Supplemental Benefits and PERS/TRS information.
  • Change your address in the Division of Retirement and Benefit systems. Go to the Address Changes section of the website for details.

ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Union

  • Notify the Union if you change your mailing address. Call the Union office at 907-277-5200 or 800-478-2732 (toll-free) to notify the Union of any changes.
  • Learn about moving and rental truck discounts available to Union members. AFSCME Advantage also offers savings on mortgage loans, refinancing, homeowner’s insurance and much more.

Additional Resources

  • Get a moving checklist and valuable tips to help ensure a smooth move. These free resources are available to you through the Health Trust’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Resources for Living. Go to, enter User ID: ASEA; Password: eap, then type “moving” in the search box, then select the tools, articles and resources you need.



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