ASEA AFSCME Local 52 Health Benefits Trust is in Alaska

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life-divorceASEA Health Trust Benefits

  • Notify the Health Trust of your divorce. Submit a new Family Information Form within 60 days of the divorce (and submit a copy of your divorce decree). Regardless of when you notify the Health Trust, coverage ends as of the divorce date.
  • Change your plan selection, if appropriate. If you wish to change your plan selection as a result of the divorce, submit a new Flexible Benefits Enrollment Form. Contact the Health Trust office for information.
  • Update your children’s health coverage information, if applicable. If your children have other coverage through your former spouse’s health plan, complete the Other Coverage Statement Form.
  • Note that your former spouse may be eligible to continue coverage through COBRA. See the Continuation Coverage section of the Plan Booklet for eligibility details and enrollment instructions. You must notify the Health Trust within 60 days of the status change to continue self-pay coverage through COBRA.
  • Notify the Health Trust if you change your legal name. Submit a new Family Information Form or contact the Health Trust office.

State Of Alaska Retirment & Employee Benefits

NOTE: Trust benefits are separate from those offered through the State of Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits.

  • Complete a new W-4 Form to withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. Consider completing a new W-4 Form whenever your personal or financial situation changes.
  • Find out how divorce affects your retirement benefits. The Divorce Before Retirement section of the website explains how retirement benefits are jointly “owned” by members and their spouses.
  • Update your Life Insurance and Retirement Benefits beneficiaries.
  • Update your mailing address, if you move.
  • Notify the State if you change your legal name. Contact your department Payroll/HR office.

ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Union

  • Notify the Union if you change your mailing address or your legal name. Call the Union office at 907-277-5200 or 800-478-2732 (toll-free) to notify the Union of these changes.

ASEA Legal Services Trust

  • Obtain legal counsel for divorce-related issues. ASEA Legal Services Trust pays for covered legal services for eligible GGU employees up to an annual benefit limit.

Additional Resources

  • Get the Lifeworks “Divorce Toolkit.” The Health Trust’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers expert advice, articles and more to help you through this difficult time. Go to Lifeworks, enter User ID: asea; Password: eap, then type “divorce” in the search box to see the resources available to you.
  • Find out how divorce may impact your social security benefits. The Social Security’s "If You Are Divorced" page has answers to FAQs.
pays for covered legal services for eligible GGU employees up to an annual benefit limit

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